Onwards and Upwards on the Trackless Wild

Back at ground zero in Chaco, I'm sitting down at the computer again, spending the last couple of weeks at the mixing process, catching up on correspondence and formulating the plan for the release of the album in July/August. Speaking of “The Trackless Wild” the final bit of music was recorded for it at the weekend in the county of Clare. Aidan Connolly, the bould Dublin fiddler added fiddle to two tracks and whistle to one. 


Thankfully the old motor that is this crowdfunding's financial support has started churning again and we are a bit nearer the goal. As the old song “Bleak is the Pampa” says…

hearts that looks upward from hope cannot sever

for theirs is the goal at which all is divine!


Raised €6102

GOAL €9800



Jason Mundok €59

Seán O'Connell €25

Mari Mochizuki €68

Noreen O'Shea €24

Anon. €1000 

Mícheál Ó Caoimh €100

Martin O'Dwyer and Park Jieun €107

Neil Brosnan €24

Tango Street Food LTD €100

Sean Looney €800

Peter Money €25

Benedict Cosgrove €34

Mary Ann van Beuren €59

Father Tom Looney €200 

Edmundo Murray €52 

Susan Clifton €1040

Edward Devinney €100 

Micheál O'Ciardubháin €25 

Anonymus €500 

John McAuliff €42 

Kieran O'Brien €100

Maureen O'Riordan €500 

Anto McCarthy €20 

Aidan Connolly €40

Billy Kemp €67

Rene Van den Heuvel €34

Hazel Moloney €30

Paul Doyle €15

Fergal Horgan €158

Jim O'Donohue  €50

Eoin O'Carra €50

Geoff Cobb €30

Chris Dove €24

Patrick Donnelly €200

Marion Hartnett €200 

Sr. Margaret O'Brien €200



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