A Shepherd's Song

A week from now we'll begin the recording process of “Exile & Adventure, Irish Song of the Pampa” in Buenos Aires (after a 24 bus journey from here in Chaco!). Last weekend another day of filming for “The Trackless Wild” was completed, on the farm of one, Fernando Sheridan. Fernando's grandfather lived in the same town and at the same time as 'A Wandering Tip' (the writer of many of these Irish-Argentine songs). I sang “The Jolly Shepherd Boy" for Fernando and he told me about how his family came to Argentina and worked in that profession of shepherding when they first came to the country. Amazingly, Fernando's grandfather was a child of the famine, who arrived in Argentina in the late 1860's just before the songs I'm singing were published. 

I am a jolly shepherd boy and live upon the plain  

Oh! once I was my parentsjoy e'er first I crossed the main



The crowdfunding effort to see this film to fruition has again crawled up a little more towards the goal, though still it is lacking a major injection to get this worthy work done.


Mícheál Ó Caoimh €100

Martin O'Dwyer and Park Jieun €107

Neil Brosnan €24

Tango Street Food LTD €100

Sean Looney €800

Peter Money €25

Benedict Cosgrove €34

Mary Ann van Beuren €59

Father Tom Looney €200 

Edmundo Murray €52 

Susan Clifton €540

Edward Devinney €100 

Micheál O'Ciardubháin €25 

Anonymus €500 

John McAuliff €42 

Kieran O'Brien €100

Maureen O'Riordan €500 

Anto McCarthy €20 

Aidan Connolly €40

Billy Kemp €67

Rene Van den Heuvel €34

Hazel Moloney €30

Paul Doyle €15

Fergal Horgan €158

Jim O'Donohue  €50

Eoin O'Carra €50

Geoff Cobb €30

Chris Dove €24

Patrick Donnelly €200

Marion Hartnett €200 

Sr. Margaret O'Brien €200


Raised €4426

GOAL €9800

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