Third Update, 12th Day!

The TF train has thankfully hauled out of the doldrums it pulled into last week. Though we still have a ways to go to reach our destination, I now have enough gathered to make it to Buenos Aires and record this album. There will of course be many costs after that, including mastering, mixing, printing and more. 

The film “The Trackless Wild” has also a myriad of work attached to it. Making this documentary happen for €5000 will be no small feat. Thankfully, having been an integral part of three other documentaries in Latin America I am adept in many parts of production and post. This is how its possible to keep the cost of filming so low. I'll be looking after most of the edit, the soundtrack, even some of the filming. Trouble or Fortune has gathered the bare bones of what it takes to make a film over the years, editing software, microphones, field recorder, GH5 camera and many other small but essential parts of will go into making “The Trackless Wild” happen. Work that will be outsourced will include, two camera operators, two soundmen, color correction, dubbing mixer, lighting, & graphic motion design elements (of the beautiful 19th century newspaper these songs appeared in).  

Raised €2980

GOAL €9800


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