Bombs Away, First Update!

I began this third crowdfunding battle just yesterday and so far I have gathered €1,419,* no paltry sum. To record the album in Buenos Aires and to cover the costs associated with printing, mixing and mastering works out at €4800. “The Trackless Wild” film can be completed on a Trouble or Fortune "shoestring special" with another €5000. The two unsuccessful Arts Council applications for the album included a detailed budget breakdown, any one that wants can have a gander at those, just shoot me a line. 

GOAL €9,800

Raised €1,439 

*€520 of this figure is from the launch of the single “ The Pampa's My Home” a week or so ago. 

Thanks a million to all who have supported thus far, in a sense ye are all associate producers and I look forward to seeing your names emblazoned in the credits of the film next year! 


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