From the recording The Trackless Wild


I am a jolly shepherd boy
And live upon the plain
Oh! once I was my parents’ joy
Ere first I crossed the main

And all the comfort now I seek
Is in the flowing glass
And stroll to town just once a week
To court a Spanish lass.

Chorus: Then let us toast the shepherds gay
And fill our glasses high
Let us be merry whilst we may
And live it out so spry.

Ours is a life of heat and cold
Of sun and chilly days:
The lightning’s flash and thunder rolled
From heaven’s deepest bays

Have nought for us of dread import
When on the Pampa wide
Nor do we seek the shade to court
At summer’s fiercest tide,

Chorus: Let us...

The shepherd’s is an humble cot
And frugal is his fare
He envies not the rich man’s lot
For he is free from care

His faithful dog and gallant steed
He values next his life
For they are always with him
Companions through his strife,

Chorus: Let us...

Oh! who’d not be a shepherd boy
Beyond La Plata’s mouth
Oh! who’d exchange the cities’ joy
For The Pampas of the South?
For Freedom has her regal seat
Upon this ocean plain
And should she e’er from here retreat
We’ll follow in her train,

Chorus: Let us...

A Wandering Tip.

El Monitor de la Campaña, N° 37, March 4th, 1872.