From the recording Fire & Foam

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Throw me a Line

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Throw me a line, Tell me it’ll work out fine
Where the waves come in, that’s where the ships sink in.
Set a bark afloat and surrender,
Where the green hills roll on the earth moves under,
The sea stays afloat, we drown in fissures.

Once there was a gallant man with gallant plans,
Now the light slips in, pours as the ground caves in.
Light surrounds, I plummet, we’re ripped asunder,
Let’s sink down and surrender
To a world of forever.

paths like crooked creeks, that curl long before you leap
down the spiral stairs that spins, that’s how it sucks you in
never will it spit you out, the plug is pulled don’t squirm about,
Let’s sink down, and surrender,
Down the plug hole we're going under,
to that world of forever.

When you wake you’ll feel refreshed, the tree is felled now nothings left,
beyond aloft! a sound cascades, this is where our dreams are made.
What calls out to shake the trees? the wave breaks out on the sea,
the key is turned, the latch is set, though you haven’t been there yet (x2)

The shore it calls from open sea is this the place is it? it's got to be.