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The Old Country

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I once had a dream said we’d pack up and leave for the country,
I’ve been traveling lonely in bright lights watching souls chase after money.

Their neon glow showed me where I had to go (x4)
That neon glow.

I’ve seen so many faces on my way to that country.
Not one of them with would stop a while, relentless they pass by like a dream.

No-one will sit with me, let time softly be (x4)
Let time softly be.

These people throw their words at me but nobody’s shown me their soul,
When we all walk the same road how come we all walk alone.

Walk to the open sea, moving to an old country (x4)
The old country.

I once had a dream said we’d pack up and leave.
Color, sea, sweat, taking me off, one way, one day, love, one day.