1. Fire and Foam

From the recordings Fire & Foam and Fire and Foam

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Fire and Foam

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Fire and Foam is the title track of an album to come, forgoing, or maybe better put, branching out from Irish roots to carve a new sound of synthetic and organic forces moulded into one. The song (and album) deals with destruction and realignment to a new world. "Come rolling thunder, let's fall asunder, in the blink of an eye a long dream dies." This first fire and vanguard of the new record to come, features the trumpet playing of Roy Kelleher of the No1 Brigade Irish Army Band, and my niece Ava O'Malley on backing vocals.

Charlie O'Brien - piano, vocals, synths, bass.
Ava O'Malley - backing vocals.
Trumpet - Roy Kelleher.


Fire and foam, young men grown old.
Listen to them rave and rant ‘til their grave,
while some others sullen, wait ‘til death is upon them
to launch out their cry, when their end is nigh,
whole worlds unfold.

Since the day you left, I haven’t grasped it yet,
there’s a place in my heart where it all ripped apart,
I haven’t clung to a hope or a home or a dream,
I haven’t felt what it meant to be parted or pulled or returned.

Come rolling thunder, let’s fall asunder,
in the blink of an eye, a long dream dies.
I haven’t felt what it meant, though my soul is rent,
I haven’t broken theses plans, though that world is gone,
I haven’t shattered the dreams, I’ve fallen apart at the seams,
you haven’t lifted the phone, told me to move on,
though it's been five years, I’ve not shed a tear,
though that world is gone, I go on.