A City of Gold

Don’t you know that we’re controlled?  
Maybe that just me, 
Armys march in line on the road 
While we hide inside alone, 
They search for a city of gold  
While we stare at a sunlit rose. 

You said that you were lost,  
but maybe that’s just me. 
It’s all laid down on a glistening road 
Where it leads, who knows? 
Off for a city of gold, 
Inside of a sunlit rose. 

Can’t you tell the dice were rolled, 
Seeds were set, long before we met, 
Thoughts align, nerves fire and soar, 
Take your seat the world unfolds, 
A time when time was gold, 
inside a sunlit rose. 

Every thought that floats before your mind, 
Will find land, can derive a plan, 
Take your seat and recline, 
Oh what a vision sublime, 
We’ve sacked a city of gold, 
Inside a sunlit rose.