A Prince Who Never Came

I was named after a prince that never came, 
I’m the end of a long line that bore the name. 
Thomond abandoned, its long since there was  
a prince in Deasmhumhain 
like an arrow that arched o’er the bog,  
’til it sinks down into the mud, 
poised I rise and follow myself,  
’til time kept is snuffed out and bate. 

A Kingdom rich in treasured gold,  
that gathers grudges deep, 
It hides its buried hoard,  
as wolves lay down next to me. 
Was there a time, when woods were our home? 
That timber sailed on a tender,  
no more to plunder, no more fleets roam.  
Seas of riches still syphoned, allegiances sold,  
no more the past haunts, or so we’ve been told.