Tired Of Being Alone

I’m tired of being alone boys, tired of being alone.

Slumped down as time and the tide roll I’m tired of being alone.
‘Tired of the stares that walk over you,
I climb to the top another mountains in view.
I work hard for a pound then I give it to you,
Clink clacks on the ground well you know that old tune.

I’m tired of being alone… Cover me from the height, cover me from the stars,
Make me a shroud take me in yours arms.
I Look up at the night and I stand transfixed,
All I’ve learned from this road is there’s more pricks than kicks.
And I’m Tired of being alone.…..
Down at the bottom just stars in view, and its cold and Its cold oh my,
And they twinkle and they laugh as I sigh.
And I’m Tired of being alone…