The Trackless Wild 

At e’er as oer the trackless wild my saino* bounds along 
My thoughts are of a pleasant land and of a gladsome throng  
Of scenes no southern sun can scorch in memories verdant plains  
Though bronzed may be the tenement where-in such fancy reigns 

And as I reach that distant mount my thoughts come back again 
And place before my longing eyes the children of the plains  
Whose merry laughs recall the days of innocence and joy e’er 
Cares and blighted hopes of youth could sweets of life destroy. 

Yet little weep I for them both, my God steed and I  
Are sailing o'er the Pampa plain beneath his care on high 
And every bound my saino takes rewards a weary strife 
And makes me gay and happy in this wilderness of life. 

So hail La Plata! though by birth an exile from your shore 
Adopted land both wild and grand and I’ll try to love you more 
For freedom unadorned hold, last my roving mind 
And help me scarce lament the land and home I left behind. 

*Saino is a type of horse popular in Argentina.

trad. lyric