The Philippine Soldier 

Come lads and lasses listen a while 

I’ll sing you a ditty that will cause you to smile, 

Of a lass from Clare and a Dingle boy 

And they called him the Philippine soldier. 

‘Twas at Puck Fair that these two met 

On his way from Liverpool he was bent, 

They drank away ‘til their hearts content 

Herself and the Philippine soldier 

She said “my young man you’ve won my heart 

and my gold you can have if you’ll only start,” 

“Away to America we both might part” 

herself and the Philippine soldier. 

They landed at Queenstown in a few days 

And booked the good ship New Brunswick there 

Carried away without delay, 

Herself and the Philippine Soldier. 

When they landed at Boston we were told here round, 

“They’re to be married in a church of high renown” 

Counted every penny of her more right down, 

Then away with the Philippine Soldier. 

Now she's crying and tearing her hair, 

The moneys all gone and the soldier’s not there, 

“Old Nick” himself will hold out his snare, 

For the goddamn old Philippine soldier.

trad. lyric (from the collection "Songs of Iveragh")